Welcome to the official access of the “Association of Owners of Distributed Rooms & Apartments of Parga”, which was added in 1997 and is based in Parga.

Our Association is a member of the Federation of Tourist and Agrotourism Accommodation of Epirus “XENIOS ZEUS”

Members of our Association are all certified with the E.O.T. (Greek Ministry of Tourism) accommodation in Parga.

Through our website you will get to know our Parga and you will find information about all the Licensed Rooms, Studios and Apartments in Parga per area, so that, by talking directly with the owners, you can make the right choice of accommodation according to your needs and needs. your wishes.

Board of directors

Kostantinos Roussis

General secretary
Haralambos Kuriakis

Abraam Euthimiadis

Euthimios Tousis

Vice president
Theodoros Stelios

Special Secretary
Euagelos Tsovilis

Ageliki Tsovili